Art is both a symbol of vulnerability and confidence.  As children, it is often one of the first ways we begin to effectively communicate. Be it Art, or Music, it is all expression.

To my mind, Art is everywhere. Repurposed, Found Objects... the list is truly endless. There is beauty in so much of what surrounds us if we keep an open mind.

Like writing, it is expression, but without words. Subjective, and in my opinion, meant to be shared. It is raw passion. To sell one's art is a luxury, but to have it shared and appreciated by others around the world, is the true reward.

Years ago, my (then) toddler son, marvelled at a fawn we had the opportunity to be near at a petting zoo. There were many others; in fact we were surrounded by them, but he zeroed in on one in particular. Positive he was looking at the beautiful creature, to my surprise he was admiring the pattern of its fur and the placement of its spots. Subjective. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. 

Welcome to my Mixed Media Art Page, Kyla Mack Gallery. New Art For Sale (Originals and Prints) will be added regularly, and I have several pieces I am in the process of posting. As I learn to navigate this wonderful new Artspan site, which I am so excited about, I thank you for visiting, for helping get the word out, and most of all, for your support. 

Much Love,
Kyla Mack